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Our Story

Yodesk was founded to provide access to the healing and meditative qualities of yoga in a simple and effective digital format.

When I was the CX Director of a yoga studio, I noticed not only who was coming to our studio, but who wasn't.

Many of my friends and neighbors would talk to me about back pain or stress but were either too busy or too nervous to attend a yoga class. Even with our variety of classes and times, unique rewards, and social gatherings, some people just don't want to go to a gym or studio. I thought to myself, if only there was a way bring the benefits to them!

Then I discovered Yodesk, the platform that brings the benefits of yoga right to you at your desk, with office friendly exercises in a convenient format, in just 3 minutes or less.

The truth is, you don't need a whole yoga class or fitness class to feel better. You can feel relief in just a few moments through Yodesk's specialized techniques rooted in yoga, mindfulness, and physical therapy.

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